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Commissioning of systems instrumentation and electrical work

"Perform Engineering" offers services in handing over systems of monitoring equipment and contracting of electrical works (electric power supply, power electric equipment, electrical illumination, electric installations) into operation.

Installation works:

  • Installation of equipment 10 kW
  • Installation of power equipment
  • Installation of external and internal networks of communications of electric power
  • Installation of external and internal electrical illumination

Since the early days “Perform Engineering” has been concluding contracts with different companies and enterprises and has been performing works on designing and installation of engineering communications and equipment, has been carrying out maintenance works and servicing of buildings, constructions and engineering systems.

Our experts fulfill preengineering inspection and engineering consulting, designing, delivery of equipment, assembly and starting-up and adjustment works, warranty and service support.

We have a range of global agreements with the best Russian and foreign equipment manufacturers to supply consumers with the high-quality engineering equipment. It enables us to perform our activity maximum effectively. Company experts have extensive knowledge and practical skills of designing, realization, handing over into operation, warranty and postwarranty service of systems, with the usage of the widest spectrum of equipment.